Foot care services

Our 2CARE4U Tootsies is not your typical pedicure. Our foot care services are provided by a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) who is a specialist in the care of preventing infections and routine foot problems.

(Grand Rapids)

(International Falls)

This preventative care service is ideal for men and women who have special health considerations, chronic illnesses, are elderly and/or have a difficult time reaching their feet.

…thank you for taking such good care of me and my feet. I greatly appreciate your caring, gentle touch.


client of over 5 years

Your appointment

You are dedicated 30-minutes of specialized attention that will prevent the need for acute care, reduce suffering and numbness.
In a relaxing, quiet room, the LPN will thoroughly examine your feet and provide the following services.

Foot Health Evaluation

A thorough foot exam will be performed by our LPN for any type of infection, circulation problems or nerve damage.

Foot Soak

Warm foot soak to sooth your muscles, hydrate your skin and can relieve aches and pains due to walking in uncomfortable shoes.

Toenail Trim

Nail trimming done the correct way to prevent ingrown toenails and keep them strong.

Ingrown Nail Removal

Remove the stubborn and painful ingrown nails to make walking less painful.

Toenail Thinning

In combination with the evaluation, specialized treatment to thin the toenails will prevent fungal infections and pain during walking.


Removing dead skin and calluses to prevent hardened skin from cracking and hurting.

Lotion and Foot Rub

Relieve tension and stimulate circulation back through your feet.


Be referred, as needed, to a specialist in the area that specializes in your needs.

In-office appointments


First / initial visit


Second and each following visit

In-home* appointments


First / initial visit


Second and each following visit

*within 10 miles of the Grand Rapids office

"Thanks so much for taking special care of my toes and feet. I really appreciate your special and professional care."


client of 5+ months