…just raved about your agency and her homemaker, stating things like ‘they are so friendly and understanding’ and ‘I feel comfortable with them.’ I appreciate all that you and your staff does!

Lisa, County Caseworker

It is the mission of G&H of Greater Minnesota, Inc. to provide members of our community, who have health care needs, with well-trained and compassionate caregivers, therefore enabling them to remain in their homes.

The commitment to our clients and their families, staff, and community partners permits us to maintain the highest quality of home health care. We will accomplish this through: Demonstrating an ethical responsibility through the just use of our resources in a respectable manner; Advocating for the health, safety and well-being of each individual client; Building a work environment where each staff member is valued, respected and has an opportunity for personal growth through training, support and recognition.

*G&H of Greater Minnesota, Inc. is dba 4U Home Health Care, LLC

"...they gave a glowing review of your employee, calling her a jewel!! They said she is a hard worker, always asking what else she can do and able to get the client to do his exercises better than his wife is ever able to do. Thank you for the excellent services, this is a breathe of fresh air!"
Jodi M., Caseworker