…responds immediately; she is professional and kind. She provides accurate information to any questions asked.


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Our team

We don’t claim to be perfect or know it all. However, we all agree that we work as a coordinated team, enhance each others strengths and do all that we can for the benefit of our employees and clients. If we don’t have the answers – we’ll find them out.

Registered Nurse / Qualified Professional

located in each office, our registered nurse(s) / qualified professionals perform admission assessments for all new clients, 90-day assessments, review/update service and care plans, wound care, medication setup/adherence, catheter changes, etc.

Information Technology

our it person is the guru of everything technology related. he keeps each office running smoothly and irons out all of the kinks along the way.

Office Manager / Human Resource Coordinator

the office managers at each location provide the oversight of the day-to-day agency operations by participating in team meetings, staffing meetings, and quality improvement meetings. in addition, interviewing new staff members, scheduling them through the required training and orientation.

Client Intake / Staffing Coordinator

more to come

Administrative Assistant

more to come

Training Coordinator

more to come

Office Manager

more to come

Giz(mo) Henning

Grand Rapids office mascot


Full and/or part-time positions available

Home Health Aide(s)
Personal Care Assistant(s)

Home Health Aide(s)

Registered Nurse (RN)
Home Health Aide(s)

Newest Team Additions

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...goes over and beyond for us, it's not even about the money, it's the gesture that they value us and what we do. We are all in this together."
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...was a big surprise! I love this company, thanks for allowing me the opportunity to work here!"
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