…responds immediately; she is professional and kind. She provides accurate information to any questions asked.


Since 2012

Our team

We don’t claim to be perfect or know it all. However, we all agree that we work as a coordinated team, enhance each others strengths and do all that we can for the benefit of our employees and clients. If we don’t have the answers – we’ll find them out.

Amy Blaine

Certified Nursing foot care specialist

A watchful eye, a genuine and gentle demeanor with a broad knowledge of how a person’s health condition may affect the feet. Amy dedicates her talents to providing individuals with quality foot care, whether it’s your first time in or are coming back for routine management.

Grand Rapids Office

Maureen Bocinsky

finance director

For any Grand Rapids employee that has a specific payroll question or would like to have copies of their paycheck stubs, Maureen is the one that they call. She also maintains the vacation log, answers employment verification documents and answers all private pay billing questions.

Grand Rapids Office

Annette Braaten

Executive Administrative Assistant

The bright, cheery voice you hear when you call the Savage office is Annette – she is always willing to assist with answering questions – both employee and client. She processes all timecards, works directly with employees to ensure compliance, assists with client intake documentation and interviewing potential employees.

Savage Office

Sabreena Darveaux

early intensive developmental and behavioral intervention coordinator

A background in Child Development, Sabreena is successfully supporting EIDBI families throughout the Twin Cities area. She understands and embraces the uniqueness of each individual which builds the fundamentals of each person’s written goals.

Savage Office

Missy Eiden

registered nurse / qualified professional

Having a sense of humor is what keeps Missy going and her clients anxiously waiting for her return. Her dedication to the details and watchful personality are just a couple of her many assets when it come sto documenting the intake process of clients, performing Skilled Nursing visits and overseeing Home Health Aides/Personal Care Assistants.

Grand Rapids Office

Alexis Giese

Registered nurse / qualified professional

Attentive. Dedicated. Resourceful. These are just a few of Lexi’s focused qualities that make her the best at what she does. She is motivated to make the most of her time with each client during the intake process, each Skilled Nursing visit and with each employee that she supervises, to succeed in providing the best care possible.

Hermantown Office

Carrissa Hanson

Registered Nurse / Qualified Professional

Listening to each client and doing what she can to ensure she’s providing the best care possible is Carrissa’s passion. She pays close attention to the details when it comes to carefully creating care plans that are based on actual needs of the clients. In addition, she oversees Personal Care Assistants/Home Health Aides, reviews physician orders, provides medication setups and much more.

Grand Rapids Office

Carla Henning

founder / ceo

As Founder / CEO, Carla is ensuring employees are doing their part to continue integrity and respect throughout the company, all while remembering the Mission and Vision statement. As a visionary, Carla also directs the company towards opportunities that will benefit all of her employees.

Grand Rapids Office

Giz(mo) Henning

Grand Rapids office mascot

Expressing a loud bark is just letting you know that she sees and hears you if you get too close to her human mom.  She will welcome you to the office if she happens to be in the vicinity when you arrive (or she’s on her way out for a quick break).  Giz isn’t a fan of car rides to and from the office but she is not going to be left behind!

Grand Rapids Office

Tim Henning

it director

“…it’s not working!” is a phrase that Tim (also known as “The Geek”) hears often. Usually it’s operator error, but he is the one who investigates the scenario and is able to find and/or fix the issue. Tim ensures that all of the technical lifelines of the business are working properly.

Grand Rapids Office

Allison Hernesman

office manager / human resources coordinator

Most know Allison for her role as Human Resources Coordinator – conducting Grand Rapids’ office applicant interviews, running background checks, coordinating orientation, annual reviews and employee performance communication – which continues to be top priority. She has expanded her responsibilities to ensure the office is running smooth; from the copy machines to management and process inquiries – as Office Manager.

Grand Rapids Office

Dallas Johnson

client intake/staffing coordinator

Working directly with employees and clients, Dallas builds the positive rapport to connect the perfect match based upon needs and personalities. In addition, she ensures each client’s cares are being met and works with caregivers on all schedule changes. In the office, among many things, she manages the company’s shared drive and controls all documents used by the company (creating and updating).

Grand Rapids Office

Theresa Johnson

Operations Administrative Assistant

As the first person you see when you walk into the Grand Rapids office, Theresa is always willing to help. She is full of answers and can direct you to the right person. In addition, Theresa manages recordkeeping of timecards and all client unit usage data.

Grand Rapids Office


Full and/or part-time positions available

Registered Nurse (RN)
Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

Registered Nurse (RN)
Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

Registered Nurse (RN)
Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

Brianna Nelson

accounts receivable assistant

No one can underestimate the power of having a strong support system; Bri is the one who ensures timely billing, files documents in the appropriate places and assists others, where needed.

Grand Rapids Office

Maria Paulley

training coordinator / eidbi assistant / licensed practical nurse

Assisting employees with the required training to be a Personal Care Assistant/Home Health Aide, conducting training in the Grand Rapids and Hermantown offices, along with coordinating and tracking of continued education credits is Maria’s main role. Interested in learning more on a specific health care subject that can help you on your job? Give Maria a call.

Grand Rapids Office

Sara Peterson

Registered Nurse / Qualified Professional

It doesn’t matter what age or diagnosis the client has, Sara prides herself on getting to know her clients and helping where she can make the biggest impact. She is a dedicated employee of the Savage office where her role as the R.N./Qualified Professional, she works with clients on their care and service plans, performs skilled nursing visits, wound care, medication set-ups, trains/evaluates PCA/HHA on the specific cares provided to each client and oversees the successful delivery of services.

Savage Office

Amy Shearer

office manager

Being a jack-of-all- trades is required from Amy since she is the person who ensures the Hermantown office is running smooth. From client relations, to interviewing and hiring, human resources, timecard and payroll document control, to being the first person you see when you walk into the office, Amy is holding the Hermantown office to our corporate office standards.

Hermantown Office

Kristina Voltzke

Administrative assistant

Always willing to help, Kristina’s shy, yet, confident personality continues to bring success to the Hermantown office – both in the field and in the office. Providing that dependable and qualitative support to those around her while learning the processes of the company is unmatched.

Hermantown Office

Tricia Wahlstrom

finance coordinator

Ensuring accurate information, investigating and following the process are just some characteristics of a person in finance. Tricia coordinates all monthly invoicing, she prepares and processes payroll documents, handles accounts receivables and is a guru at navigating the billing requirements of each reimbursement agency.

Grand Rapids Office

Amy Wahlstrom-McAlister

chief operating officer

With a strong desire to ensure clients are receiving the care, as outlined in their care plan, needed to remain in their homes and as minority owner of the Savage office, Amy adheres to the same corporate office standards as Grand Rapids and Hermantown. Amy is involved in every aspect of the business – from client intake, care conferences, employee hiring, human resources, timecard documentation and processing payroll.

Savage Office

Diane Ward

director of nursing / registered nurse

Being honest, realistic and wanting everyone to be knowledgeable on the subject they are inquiring about is how Diane approaches every question that is asked of her. Based out of the Grand Rapids office, she, at a minimum, engages with the Registered Nurses in all three offices, performs supervisory visits, directs the home care staff as needed, and participates in Quality Improvement meetings.

Grand Rapids Office

Cheryl Wiener

registered nurse

Nothing surprises Cheryl when it comes to helping others – she has seen it all. She has built her career in the health care field and is proud to be a part of a company that takes pride in taking care of their clients. Based out of the Grand Rapids office, she, at a minimum, performs supervisory visits, implements medication management, directs the home care staff as needed, and regularly communicates with clients and/or their responsible party regarding specific cares.

Grand Rapids Office

...goes over and beyond for us, it's not even about the money, it's the gesture that they value us and what we do. We are all in this together."
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...was a big surprise! I love this company, thanks for allowing me the opportunity to work here!"
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